​​ Bi-Directional/AC MSSRs​

​​​Part NO.​​​ ​Description
The 3PAK220 relay is a 3-phase solid-state relay with status indication. Relay inputs and outputs are optically isolated. The 3PAK220 is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) relay designed for 3-phase, 47–440 Hz applications where low EMI and reliable operation under conditions of severe environmental stress are a requirement.

Available options include:
3PAK220     1.1Arms, 20-250Vac Load; 24-32Vdc Control​​

The Series 652 is an AC output solid-state relay designed for power switching. It incorporates a sealed, optically coupled solid-state relay as a zero-voltage turn-on driver. The input circuit is TTL logic compatible. Output switching is accomplished by back-toback SCRs with a built-in snubber circuit, which provides reliable switching of both resistive and reactive loads.
Available options include:​​
652-1     2A, 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc Control​; Zero-Cross Window ±15V
652-2     25A, 250Vrms Load; 4-32Vdc Control​; Zero-Cross Window ±40V
The 682 is a state-of-the-art solid-state relay designed for use in AC power switching applications. Back-to-back SCRs are confi gured for zero-voltage turn-on and can handle current surges up to 8A. The patented circuit design assures the lowest possible EMI by virtually eliminating commutation spikes while maintaining excellent noise immunity.

Available options include:
682-1     2A, 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc Control
The Series FB relay is an advanced solid-state bidirectional relay designed specifi cally for high-speed switching in ATE systems. These devices provide high reliability, low life-cycle cost and exceptional switch performance. The FB has very fast turn-on times of under 1 msec. Optical coupling minimizes EMI generation.

Available options include:
FB00CD     2Adc, 80Vdc DC-Load; ±1Adc, ±80Vdc AC-Load; 10-25mAdc Control
FB00FC     1Adc, 180Vdc DC-Load; ±0.5Adc, ±180Vdc AC-Load; 10-25mAdc Control
FB00KB     0.5Adc, 350Vdc DC-Load; ±0.25Adc, ±350Vdc AC-Load; 10-25mAdc Control
Series KA/LA solid-state relays are designed for use in AC power switching applications where safety and reliability are primary concerns. They are ideal for resistive and reactive loads with power factors as low as 0.2. Inverse parallel SCRs are confi gured for zerovoltage turn on. The relays are available with thermal protection and thermal trip status.

Available options include:
KA58HF    2Arms, 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage, 250µA CMOS Control;
               includes thermal protection & thermal trip status
LA00HL    2Arms (7.5Arms with heat sink), 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage,                      250µA CMOS Control​; 
LA58HL    2Arms (7.5Arms with heat sink), 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage,                      250µA CMOS Control​; includes thermal protection & thermal trip status
The QB00FM relay is an advanced solid-state bidirectional relay designed for high-speed power switching applications. It provides high reliability, low life-cycle cost and exceptional switch performance. The QB00FM is capable of switching AC or DC power and is suitable for heat sink or circuit card mounting. Pin 6 is connected to the case for additional safety shielding.

Available options include:
QB00FM     7.5Adc, 150Vdc DC-Load; ±4.3Adc, ±150Vdc AC-Load; 4.5-16Vdc Control