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Switching Solutions

Everywhereyoulook™ Teledyne Relays provides switching solutions for a technically diverse world, offering products designed for applications within SATCOM, industrial control, high frequency signal routing, test & measurement equipment, and ATE systems. Teledyne Relays also offers high-performance relays designed to survive the rugged conditions required for oil & gas exploration and military & space applications. 

As an industry leader for over 50 years, Teledyne Relays has ​a commitment to innovating​ ​new products to​​support emerging technologies such as Ubiquitous Automation, the Internet of Things, and Wireless Mesh Networking.​​

Business Focus   

QPL & COTS Electromechanical Relays   

QPL & COTS Solid-State Relays   

Space (Hi-Rel) Electromechanical Relays   

RF & Microwave Relays & Coaxial Switches   

Industrial Solid-State Relays   

Switching Matrices


Commercial & Military Aviation   

Defense & Aerospace   

Telecom/Communications (Wireless)   

Instrumentation & Test   

Industrial Power & Motion Control   

Medical Applications​​