Electro​mechanical Relays

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High-Performance DPDT EMRs​​

​​​Part NO.​ Description
   412H, 422H, 432H ​   
TO-5 package, through-hole mounted, DPDT high-temperature relay

Available options include:
412H   - high-temperature, non-latching
422H   - high-temperature, magnetic-latching 
432H   - high-temperature, non-latching, low-power coil            
Resistive: 1 Amp/28Vdc  Inductive: 200 mA/28Vdc (320 mH) Lamp: 100 mA/28Vdc   

TO-5 package, through-hole mounted, DPDT high-shock relay

Available options include:
412K   - high-shock, non-latching
422K   - high-shock, magnetic-latching 
Resistive: 1 Amp/28Vdc  Inductive: 200 mA/28Vdc (320 mH) Lamp: 100 mA/28Vdc      

412V, 412DV, 412DDV, 432V, 432DV     ​
TO-5 package, through-hole mounted, DPDT high-vibration relay

Available options include:
412V       - high-vibration, non-latching
412DV     - high-vibration, non-latching, with coil transient suppression diode
412DDV   - high-vibration, non-latching, with coitransient suppression                              diode, and reverse polarity protection diode
432V        -  high-vibration, non-latching, low-power coil
432DV      - high-vibration, non-latching, with coitransient suppression                            ​​  diode, ​low-power coil      

1 Amp/28Vdc  
Inductive: 200 mA/28Vdc (320 mH) Lamp: 100 mA/28Vdc