Industrial Solid State Relays​​

​​​ISSR Handling G​uidelines

Quad Output AC ISSRs

​​​Part NO.​​​ ​Description

Series SQ relay provides four independent 25A relays in a standard hockey-puck package. The SQ package conserves space while providing high-power switching. The tight zero-cross window reduces the EMI level. Optical isolation ensures complete protection of the control circuit from load transients.

Available options include:
SQ24D25           25Arms, 12-280Vrms, 600Vpeak Load; 3-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​
SQ24R25           25Arms, 12-280Vrms, 600Vpeak Load; 4-30Vdc Control; Random
SQ24R25-02      25Arms, 12-280Vrms, 600Vpeak Load; 3-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross