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Teledyne Relays is Everywhereyoulook™, providing switching solutions for aviation, test & measurement equipment, industrial control, and military & space applications. With bandwidths from DC-18GHz and signal integrity up to 40Gbps, Teledyne’s ultra-​miniature surface-mountable relays are perfect for high frequency and high throughput applications. Teledyne Relays offers industrial solid state relays for precise heating, lighting and motor control. For extreme environments and integration into ultra-quality military systems, Teledyne offers military solid state relays.

Business Focus   

QPL & COTS Electromechanical Relays   

QPL & COTS Solid-State Relays   

Space (Hi-Rel) Electromechanical Relays   

RF & Microwave Relays & Coaxial Switches   

Industrial Solid-State


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Commercial & Military Aviation   

Defense & Aerospace   

Telecom/Communications (Wireless)   

Instrumentation & Test   

Industrial Power & Motion Control 

Oil & Gas Exploration​  

Medical Applications​​